British MPs Show Support for Gaza #Flotilla2

PNN – Palestine News Network –  28.06.11 – 15:04

London – PNN – British MPs have voiced their support for the flotilla to Gaza which is due to set sail in the coming days, says the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

ImageParliamentarians have sent messages of support to the British people on board the flotilla, which will be made up of ten ships. The ships will carry up to 3000 tons of aid to the people of Gaza, as well as carrying hundreds of international civilians including MPs, writers, artists, journalists and sports figures.
According to PSC, Sir Gerald Kaufman is one of many British MPs who supports the flotilla, which will attempt to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip, inhabited by over 1.6 million people, has been under an Israeli blockade for the past five years.
“The Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal and deeply harmful to the Gaza Strip’s huge population,” Sir Gerald said. “The Israeli stopping of ships approaching Gaza, in international waters, is piracy. The Israeli detention of people on such ships, and confiscation of their property is kidnapping and theft. I support all who peacefully seek to break this illegal blockade.”
British MPs have also been invited to join a solidarity boat on Wednesday to mark the departure of Freedom Flotilla II. The boat will sail for half an hour down the River Thames, passing the Parliament buildings.
Israel has warned activists that it intends to prevent them from reaching Gaza’s shores and has attempted to discourage international civilians from taking part. The first flotilla to Gaza, in May 2010, was attacked by Israel, killing nine Turkish activists and injuring many others.


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