Mishaal: Jerusalem facing one of most difficult stages

[ 29/06/2011 – 07:53 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas politburo chairman Khalid Mishaal emphasized the dire need for focus on Jerusalem as it faces “one of the most difficult phases” as Israel continues its Judaization policies and seeks to obliterate the Arab-Muslim identity of the city.

“That is accompanied by official international bias to the Zionist policies and Judaization practices,” Mishaal said.

The statements came as Mishaal spoke by video during a conference held in the Indonesian capital Jakarta in support of the Palestinians beginning Wednesday.

During the conference, Mishaal called for unifying efforts to support the Palestinians.

The conference, joined by dozens of governments and non-government organizations from Southeast Asia, was aimed at discussing ways to support the Palestinians and protect Jerusalem from Israel’s Judaization policies.

Organizers said the objective was to raise awareness on the Palestinian cause in the local region and support the Palestinians financially and morally.

Over the next few days, the conference will discuss mechanisms for supporting the Palestinians politically, legally, economically and though media and humanitarian projects.

Hundreds of participants from 30 countries across Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East confirmed their attendance, sources have said.


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