Another victim of Occupation 2011 | Jallal al-Massri, 30 years old dies of wounds sustained 3 months ago

Palestinian Man Dies of Wounds he Sustained Three Months Ago

PNN – Palestine News Network –  01.07.11 – 18:03

Hebron – PNN –  A Palestinian was reported dead on Friday evening due to wounds he sustained three months ago when Israeli police opened fire at him as he was driving back home near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.


PNN Archive

Jallal al-Massri, 30 years old, was going back home from Jerusalem to his village of Ithna near Hebron. An Israeli police officer opened fire at him as he drove by and critically injured him. The man was taken to Hadasa Israeli hospital in Jerusalem where he died today, Palestinian sources reported.

The circumstances of the attack by the police remains unknown; Palestinian security sources reported that the Palestinian Authority had demanded an investigation of the incident but the Israel government refused claiming that the man was holding an Israeli citizenship.

According to Palestinian sources al-Massri was kept in Hadasa hospital under arrest by the police.


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