Freedom Flotilla Alliance accuses the IOA of deliberately destroying ships

[ 01/07/2011 – 07:56 PM ]

BRUSSELS, (PIC)– The Freedom Flotilla Alliance has accused the Israeli occupation authorities of standing behind damaging two of their ships planning to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, asserting that the method of damaging the two ships was one.

The alliance issued a statement in this regard pointing out that the group of experts hired by the alliance to investigate the fault in the Irish ship and the Norwegian-Sweden ship agreed that both ships were marred in the same method and that such operation was deliberate and not accidental.

“It is clear now that the two incidents that damaged the two ships in Greece and Turkey  bear the thumbprint of one party, and we have the feeling that there was an integrated team comprising expert divers dispatched by the Israeli Mossad to damage the ships before they sail to Gaza”, the alliance said in the statement.

The main shaft that links the ship’s propeller to the engine were damaged in both ships in the same way leaving no doubt that the party behind this crime was disturbed with the Flotilla plan and wanted tom kill as many supports on board the ships as it could, the alliance explained.

The Israeli occupation authorities have warned they would “do everything” to stop the ships from sailing to the besieged Gaza Strip, but the organizers and participants in the Flotilla vowed to pursue their plan and to sail to Gaza at any cost.


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