IOA decides to demolish Mohammed Al-Fateh Mosque

[ 01/07/2011 – 08:39 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– David Harari, the vice-mayor of the Zionist administration of Jerusalem municipality, has issued an order to stop all renovations made to the Mohammed Al-Fateh mosque and to demolish it altogether alleging the construction was illegal.

The Mosque stands only a short distance from the Aqsa Mosque which sends the message that the Israeli occupation has no respect for Muslim holy shrines, and that it could demolish mosques anytime it wishes, said Fakhri Abu Deyab, the chairman of the committee for the defense of Silwan town.

But Abu Deyab pledged to defend the mosque and to stop the Israeli decision with all available means and at all cost, saying that the Israeli society “Israel Land Fund” was behind the call to destroy the mosque alleging the renovations were illegal.

Last January, fanatic Israeli groups supported by Israeli soldiers assaulted the mosque to stop the renovation works with the pretext that workers from the West Bank were doing the renovations.

The society even accused the IOA of being “lenient” with calls to destroy the mosque that overlooks the old town in Jerusalem city although they seized vast areas of Muslim endowment land around the mosque and established a Jewish cemetery on it with the aim to distort Muslim identity of the area as part of the Judaization plan the IOA had been carrying out in the city for decades now.


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