Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Attack Farmers Reclaiming Land Near Hebron

PNN – Palestine News Network –  01.07.11 – 16:12

Hebron – PNN – On Friday midday a group of Israeli settlers, along with soldiers, attacked Palestinian farmers of Yatta in southern West Ban, all of whom were trying to reclaim their land that settlers took over earlier this year.

Image As part of the local committee against the wall and settlements, internationals and Israelis joined farmers from Yatta and went to work their land near the Israeli settlement Kriat Arba.

The settlers took over the land earlier in the year and planted grape vines to supply the winery in the settlement with grapes. Recently the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that this land belongs to local farmers; as a result, on Friday people went and removed the grape vines settlers had planted and started to rehabilitate the land.

Soon the settlers arrived and attacked people; later they were joined by Israeli military police and armed units.

Villagers, in a press release sent to PNN, said that they would continue to go to their land and protect it from being taken over by the settlers. They called upon human rights groups to intervene and help protect the land.


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