Mishaal: Expelling Jerusalem MPs part of open war against Palestinian people

[ 01/07/2011 – 08:28 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Khaled Mishal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, said on Thursday that the Israeli plan to expel three Palestinian lawmakers and a former minister from Jerusalem was part of the Israeli open war against the Palestinian people and land.

In a televised speech he made on the first anniversary of the sit-in organized by the three officials inside the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem protesting the expulsion order, Mishaal said: “The scene of Jerusalem representatives inside the sit-in tent speaks for itself, it is part of the Israeli war against our people and our land… it is part of the occupation and the war against our people… its part of Judaizing Jerusalem and destroying everything inside it… they (Israelis) target the land, the stone, the dead, and the living as they did in the Mamanullah cemetery….they want to emptying the city of its true people and they want to destroy the demographic fabric in the city in order to have the upper hand in it.”

“The four Jerusalem representatives, Muhammad Abu Tair, Muhammad Toutah and Khaled Abu Arafah who were elected by the Jerusalem people who are a dear part of the Palestinian nation were detained for three and a half years by the occupation authority which threatened them with expulsion from their city after their release. This crime was committed while the world is looking on. The heroic brothers persevered. Abu Tair was deported to Ramallah while the three other officials held  a sit-in at the Red Cross compound over the past year.”

The three Palestinian lawmakers were democratically elected in 2006 in clear and transparent elections watched by the entire world, but they were arrested few months later and threatened by the Israeli authorities that they either resign or be expelled outside Jerusalem. The lawmakers rejected both options.

“We salute you our brothers…. We salute your steadfastness and resoluteness… we salute your families and children who remained patient despite this hardship… I assure you that victory is near because your are indeed re-writing history anew,” Mishaal underlined in his speech.

He also urged Arab and Muslim nations as well as the free people of the world and human rights organizations to put a limit to “this Israeli crime”, and to stop the Israeli defiance to international laws.


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