Freedom Flotilla II to try and sail to Gaza on Monday

[ 03/07/2011 – 11:36 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Freedom Flotilla II will try to set sail to Gaza on Monday in spite of Greece’s decision to prevent all flotilla vessels from departing its port, flotilla organizers have announced.

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, a major organizer of the flotilla, told Quds Press on Sunday that it was working hard to begin the trip aimed at challenging Israel’s siege and delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

In the statement, the ECESG said more than one course of action was being taken to bypass Greece’s decision.

“We have nine ships after the Irish ship was sabotaged by unidentified men believed to have ties with Israeli foreign intelligence the Mossad,” the ECESG said, pointing out that one of the ships is currently docked outside of Greece’s ports.

The first course of action is to communicate with Greek parties in order to pressure the government, the statement said. The second is that the organizers are working with lawyers to reverse the ruling judicially, given that it lacks legal support and is a moral and humanitarian violation and also a violation of the individual’s freedom of movement.


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