Report: Israeli forces killed 26 Palestinians in June

[ 03/07/2011 – 10:55 AM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– A report by the International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights revealed that Israeli forces killed 26 Palestinians at home and abroad in June 2011 .

The report shows that Israeli occupation forces escalated attacks on Palestinians after Naksa Day events in early June, marking the anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

It details that two men were killed in the Gaza Strip and one in the West Bank that month by injuries sustained some years back.

Celebrating the 44th Naksa Day, 23 Palestinian and Syrian protesters were killed and many more were injured while protesting the Israeli occupation on the border of the occupied Golan Heights, the report says.

“We in ISFHR watch with grave concern at the continued violation of human rights in the Palestinian territories and the repeated attacks in the Palestinian territories, and we confirm the right of the Palestinians to live in dignity on their land like the rest of the people of the free world,” said ISFHR legal expert Ahmed Toubasi in the report.


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