US is blind to rights abuses in Palestine

Monday, July 04, 2011 | Gulf Daily News

THE US criticism of Bahrain’s human rights record is absurd when compared to its stance towards the Palestinian cause.

In fact, the declaration by US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice that America would withdraw funding from the UN if the Palestinian State was recognised is mind-boggling.

UN Resolution 181 “Partition Plan of Palestine” has made provision for the creation of two states – Israel and Palestine.

To what extent are the Americans prepared to go to deny the Palestinians their right to an independent state? This makes a mockery of the US call for Bahrain to respect human rights, when it tries its utmost to deny seven million Palestinians their most basic rights to freedom.

The process of recognising the state of Palestine would follow a democratic voting process at the UN, which is something the West has always bragged about within their constitutions. Why don’t they accept democracy as an arbitrator in this case?

Apparently, democracy is selectively applied by the Americans where it suits them and when it does not serve their interests, they start blackmailing the world and like a spoilt child throw their toys in anger and refuse to play.

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