3 Internationals, risking their lives on #Flotilla2 to bring Palestine’s misery under world’s attention, have been arrested by the Greek authorities under Israeli pressure only in order to divert the world from it’s atrocities which it is undertaking in Palestine for over 63 years now.

Israel even issued a Web War Declaration and Hitlist targeting non violent activists was placed online by the zionist propaganda machine called Hasbara. At the moment they act below every imagination to sustain the myths and lies under which the good believing world is ignoring, tolerating and even silencing the real crimes Israel commits. More below this articled in the related section.

Demand the release and intervention by calling or writing the embassies and your representatives and spread the news and facts (with the sharing tools below), forward it to press and journalists so the issue get’s the attention it deserves and our activists for Palestine get safely released as soon as possible.

Soha Kneen and Michael Coleman have been charged once. Sandra Ruch 3 times. More info will be updated when available.

Besides this, 40-50 American citizens are being held in a barbed wire pen in Greece at behest of Israeli and (apparently) US governments (http://t.co/2o8L5vc)

For an extensive report of what happened on July 4, 2011, please visit Ali Abinumah’s weblog at the Electronic Intifada:
Canadian boat forced back to shore after attempt to sail for Gaza – report and pictures

More pictures of the takeover of the boat:

Flotilla update: Silvia Cattori interviews Dimitri Plionis (Greek Boat)

Spanish activists protesting inside Spanish Consulate in Athens

AGIOS NIKOLAOS, Greece - 07/04/11 - The Canadian boat made a run for open water this evening. Pictures from boarding by Greek soldiers. No one was seriously injured and activists used non-violent resistance to slow the boarding. Delegates from Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark and Turkey are on the Tahrir, the Canadian boat participating in Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza. JIM RANKIN/TORONTO STAR


PLEASE Take the Time and Email the following world and Greek leaders expressing your outrage at Greece’s violation of International Law by seizing eight peaceful ships bound to Gaza and the arrest of an American Citizen. (Source appeal: Sabah Report)

Email for President Obama
president@whitehouse.gov  or use whitehouse.gov contact form.

Email to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton:

Contact Form for Greek Prime Minister:

Contact form for Greek Foreign Minister:

Email Greek Foreign Ministry:

Email for Ban Ki Moon: Secretary General of the U.N.:

Email for Joseph Deiss, President of U.N. General Assembly:

Email Press Office at U.N.:

Email Chris Guiness, Head of UNRWA in Palestine:

Email President of European Parliament:

Email Speaker of Greek Parliament:

Email European Parliament:

Ombudsman for Complaints against the European Union

Important Emails to Greek Parliament Members:

Emails to Greek Consulates in the U.S. by City:

Contact Greek Media:
Greek Paper – part of the International Herald Tribune Greece:

Contact form for the Athens News:

Comment form for major paper: The Athens Times:

Contact form for the Balkan Chronicle in Greece:

Email for Greek IPTV, a major television station:


Steven Harper, Prime Minister Canada

Jack Layton, Leader of NDP Canada ,(opposition party)

Bob Rae, Interim Leader Liberal Party Canada

Hon. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code

List of Members of Parliament and Canadian Ministry

Canadian Embassies

Canadian Greek Embassy and Contacts

Embassy of Canada to Greece in Athens
Address, Telephone, Fax, Email
4, Ioannou Ghennadiou Street,
115 21 Athens, Greece
Tel.: 30-210-7273400
Fax: 30-210-7273480
E-mail: athns@international.gc.ca

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00
In Case of Consular Emergency after Hours Please Call 210-727 3400 OR 210-727-3399 or Call Collect the 24HRS Operations Center at 001-613-996-8885.
Section Specific Contact Information and Hours
•    Contact the Trade Section
•    Contact the Consular Section
•    Contact the Political and Public Affairs Section
Contact information is also available for the following offices:
Honorary Consulate of Canada in Thessaloniki
Pantelis G. Petmezas – Honorary Consul 
Address : 19, N.Kountouritou Street, Thessaloniki 546-25, Greece 
Visiting hours for the public : Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 13:30 (consular services by appointment). 
Tel. 2310-256350 
Fax: 2310-256351 
E-mail : petmezas_canada@thessalaw.gr
Honorary Consulate of Canada in Nicosia
Dr. Rita C. Severis, Honorary Consul
Services offered at this office: Assistance to Canadians Address, telephone, fax
Street Address
Margarita House,
15 Themistoclis  Dervis Str. Suite 402, 4th Floor,
1066  Nicosia
Postal Address
P.O. Box 22125
1517 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.: (357-22) 775-508
Fax: (357-22) 779-905
Hours of operation
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 12:00

Below an article of Australians for Palestine


From Australians for Palestine

Editor’s Note: Australian participant on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza Michael Coleman has been arrested by Greek Police for attempting to block their pursuit of the Canadian boat the “Tahrir” as it left port. Michael and Soha, another Canadian Flotilla team member, were in two kayaks beside the “Tahrir”. As soon as the boat’s motors started, Michael and Soha paddled to the immediate prow of the coastguard and managed to stay there for at least 5 minutes which prevented the coastguard from stopping the Tahrir from leaving. Eddie O’Loughlin, who has provided this latest update, says that a Canadian Flotilla team member has assured him that a legal team is working on freeing Michael. They are still not sure as to what the specific charges against Michael will be.

Please telephone or write to the Greek embassy in Australia and also the consulates asking them to pressure Greek authorities to release Michael Coleman and to allow the Freedom Flotilla to continue its mission to Gaza. Also letters and calls to our own government representatives are important asking them to pressure the Greek government to release Michael Coleman and the Tahrir.

For Canadian Government Offices Abroad

Greek Embassy in Australia
Tel: +61-2-6273-3011
Email: gremb.can@mfa.gr

Greek Consulate (Sydney)
Tel: +61-2-92212388
Tel: +61-2-92211453
Email: grconsyd@telpacific.com.au

Greek Consulate (Melbourne)
Tel: +61-3-98664524
Tel: +61-3-98664525
Email: grcons@bigpond.com.au

Greek Consulate (Adelaide)
Tel: +61-8-82118066
Email: consulgr@picknowl.com.au

Greek Consulate (Brisbane)
Tel: +61-7-32927421
Tel: +61-7-32927422
Email: greekcon@ozemail.com.au

Australian Embassy in Greece
Tel: +30 210 870 4000
Email: ae.athens@dfat.gov.au

Also contact your own member of parliament (you can find their details here)

The Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd
Tel: (02) 6277 7500
Email: Kevin.Rudd.MP@aph.gov.au

We need to keep the pressure up on the Greek Government and our own.

Sonja Karkar | Editor | Australians for Palestine

Statement of the Greek Government on their site

Foreign Ministry Announcement regarding Greece’s intention to undertake the task of transporting humanitarian aid

Despite the request of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the recommendations of the EU reflected in the conclusions of the European Council, yesterday’s relevant appeal of the Quartet and the Greek Foreign Ministry’s urging not to participate in the flotilla attempting to break the Gaza blockade, certain groups of Greek and foreign citizens, without having received the necessary permission required according to the rules of safety, insisted to go through with the enterprise.

In light of these developments and concerned primarily with the protection and safety of human life, the Greek Government decided to ban the departure from Greek ports of vessels with Greek or foreign flags bound for Gaza.

Greece’s stance regarding the need to lift the Gaza blockade and to improve the humanitarian conditions in the area is known and remains unchanged. Greece’s positions of principle for the need to respect international law and not to resort to the use of force are also well known. Greece, as it is widely known, actively supports the resumption of peace talks, which constitute the only road to a comprehensive and viable resolution of the Palestinian issue, with the creation of a Palestinian state that will coexist peacefully with the state of Israel. These positions have been made clear to all concerned parties.

In this context, Greece reiterates its willingness and proposes to undertake the task of transporting the humanitarian aid, with Greek vessels or other appropriate means, through the existing channels as requested by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

To this avail, Greece will come into immediate and direct contact with the UN and all the concerned parties, in order to render the mission feasible on behalf of our country.

In this critical conjuncture, we should all demonstrate a sense of responsibility or assume entirely and exclusively the responsibility for our actions. The Government will act as it must in an orderly fashion and according to the laws of the State.

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MEMRI is a source for journalists that do not understand Arabic, but because they do not understand Arabic, they cannot validate the source. When you consider that the source is the brainchild of a former Israeli intelligence officer and has been caught selectively translating Arabic broadcasts that would reflect negatively on the Muslim world, the problem increases ten-fold.

Listening Post’s Meenakshi Ravi looks at an organisation that is out to influence how the Middle East is seen in the rest of the world’s media.


The Handbook Zionism hands out to their hasbara recruits to manipulate & brainwash the world to keep you stupid. A Must Read & Spread …

Get Real Facts from the ground

About Hasbara

Forget all details! It’s just about this!

Supported by… AIPAC

Funded by….

And all those supporting it paying for this…

Last but not least….

Or listen to Jewish mankind with a real conscience in the Join Struggle for Justice

Don’t think it’s about “Arabs” or “Islam”… we are all Goyim!

Something to ponder about…
For who not sees or who’s eyes are still closes. IOA has become exactly and even worse than those, they feared and hated once themselves. Using the same atrocities, policies to oppress, ethnically cleanse and eradicate human beings. Creating a new Shoah (Holocaust) for the Palestinians in 1948 with Al Nakba, and sustaining it by hasbara and the world’s ignorance or at least those not using their own mind to reconsider the realistic facts. So Hasbara in 16 words explained:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it…”
~ Joseph Goebbels

…will be updated of course with related news or relevant counter “cyber truth ammo”. Stay Human, stay safe and Free Palestine!

Activists Resources | Knowledge is Power!

Get Real (Hasbara Free) News from Palestine

Also check the List of Bloggers and Activists, Organisations working for Palestine

In Pictures

Album | The Mavi Marmara Massacre

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