Israel to construct 900 housing units in Jerusalem


West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-The Jerusalem municipality approved yesterday the building of hundreds of new settlement units in the occupied Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem municipal planning committee approved a plan to build 900 new housing units in Gilo, a Jewish settlement built on territories occupied by Israel in 1967 and annexed to Jerusalem, according to Elisha Peleg, a member of the committee.

Peleg said ”Jews have the right to build anywhere in Jerusalem”.

He added that those proposals should be approved by the Ministry of Interior, and that the construction will be started in Gilo during one or two years.

Palestinian Presidency official Spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudaina, strongly condemned Israel’s decision to build hundreds of settlement units in East Jerusalem, stating that such attempts will obstacle peace process in the region.

Israel continues its confiscation and seizure of Palestinian territories in East Jerusalem, while Palestinians want the city as the capital of their future state.


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