Israel Sets Fire in Occupied Syrian Golan

Jul 06, 2011 | SANA – SYRIA

LIBERATED QUNEITRA, (SANA) –The Israeli Occupation on Tuesday deliberately set huge fire in the occupied Syrian Golan as part of its daily aggression practices against Golan and its people.

Governor of Quneitra, Khalil Mashhadieh, said the fire aims at destroying the biodiversity in the area and is within the Israeli policy that aims at destroying the Golan resources through provoking fires, stealing water, uprooting fruit trees and dumping nuclear waste.

Head of the Fire Brigade in Quneitra said that an Israeli patrol on Tuesday evening set fire at an area of 5-km long and 2-km width west of “Caodana” Town, adding that the fire harmed nearby forest.
“The fire took the fire brigade 11 hours to put out. We managed to prevent it from spreading to the liberated side of Golan,” he added.

“A patrol was stationed in the area for swift intervention in case Israel tried to set another fire”, he said.

For his part, Director of Environmental Affairs in Quneitra, Hamza Sleiman, said that these fires are destroying lots of green areas in Golan, threatening wildlife species of extinction and polluting air.

Israel provokes dozens of fires every year in the occupied Syrian Golan. This fire is the second in this year after a huge fire provoked to the western part of al-Hamidyyah Town in June, 7th.

M. Nassr/ al-Ibrahim


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