UN slams Israel over Nakba anniversary bloodshed

[ 06/07/2011 – 02:24 PM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon blamed Israel for the killing and injury of many Palestinian refugees who were commemorating the Nakba anniversary last May near the Palestinian-Lebanese border fence.

Ki-moon sharply criticized Israel and its troops’ behavior and said they used unnecessary force against Palestinians marking the Nakba Day inside the Lebanese territories.

The report was released by Ki-moon earlier this week and passed on to the 15 members of the security council.

The report focuses on the events of May 15 when thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon marched on the occupied Palestinian borders to commemorate their anniversary called Nakba.

The Nakba means catastrophe and refers to the day when European Jews with the help of Britain and colonial powers occupied Palestine in 1948 and started to expel its natives from their homes.

For its part, the Israeli foreign ministry reacted and cancelled a visit to Tel Aviv scheduled to be made by the UN’s special coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams


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