Update: A second source inside Haaretz has confirmed for me that Neistat is a Haaretz employee.

A new anti-flotilla hasbara video surfaced this week, this time depicting a young woman in a psychiatrist’s office describing her flotilla-related trauma and nightmares. The video is even more embarrassingly stupid than the pinkwashing hoax that Ali Abuminah, Ben Doherty and I exposed as a fraud promoted and possibly produced by the Israeli government. Using the female actor as a symbol for Israeli society, the video blames the flotilla for wounding the tender souls of hip Tel Avivians, turning sexy, innocent young people into paranoid trauma patients. At least, that was my reading of the otherwise incoherent video.

According to +972’s Dimi Reider, the new anti-flotilla production has government fingerprints all over it. As Reider reported, “+972 was able to confirm through a source with knowledge of the actress’ engagement that the gig was indeed described at the time as a Hasbara video commissioned by the government.”

I made some calls about the female actor in the video, Aimee Neistat. A source who works inside Haaretz told me that Neistat is a Haaretz employee who translates Hebrew content into English (occasionally staffers at the translation desk produce original journalist content and editorials). Of course, everyone at Haaretz is entitled to their opinion, but Neistat’s involvement in a government-sponsored propaganda campaign seems like an ethical breach. As appallingly bad as the video was, the fact that an apparent staffer for one of Israel’s major newspapers played a starring role is far worse.