Egypt to increase passenger numbers at Rafah crossing

Published today (updated) 07/07/2011 17:25

GAZA (Ma’an) — The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Gaza Strip Mohammad Awad said Thursday that the government has received assurances from Egyptian officials that the country will begin increasing the volume of passengers using the Rafah crossing.

“The problem of the crossing was presented to more than one official in the Egyptian government, the military council, intelligence and ministry of foreign affairs, who promised to help in gradually increasing the number.

“We hope that the Egyptian brothers will take steps to ease the suffering of the Palestinians so that all will be able to travel” Awad said.

The assurances were made to under secretary for foreign affairs in the Gaza government Ghazi Hamad on a recent trip to Cairo.

“The Egyptians are interested in solving this problem, but gradually, ” Hamad said.

“The [Egyptian] government has restored to regulate the travel of the residents via the crossing by prioritizing the urgent cases,” Hamad added, noting that the crossing is managed by three committees that were formed to improve transparency of the work being carried out.

The Egyptians did not set a deadline for completing improvements to the Rafah crossing.


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