#Flotilla2 | John Klusmire Capt. of The Audacity of Hope RELEASED From Jail – July 5 2011‬‏ – video

Captain John Klusmire who piloted The Audacity of Hope US Boat to Gaza was arrested for leaving port to escape a Greece police order. The boat traveled for 20-minutes in Greek waters before it was stopped by the Greece Coast Guard and 8-commandos carrying m-16 rifles.

The Audacity of Hope was demanded to turn around and was escorted and then impounded and held captive at a military port. Capt. Klusmire was arrested by Greek authorities and then later acquitted and released from jail.

This video is the moment when John exited the court building into the arms of his US passengers as a free man ready to sail again.

This video is dedicated to Capt. John and to the People of Palestine who will have their day of liberation very soon.

Video Recorded by Richard Lopez (July 5th, 2011)
US Passenger of The Audacity of Hope

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PS: Hedy Epstein kisses Richard Lopez!
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