In Attempt to “Mute the Truth” Israel “Succeeds” in getting it’s own EL AL LIVE BLOG @ Al Jazeera !

In an attempt to mute the truth, IOA is  banning the Press from boarding on an airplane,  labeling them as terrorists. So press takes back on IOA and now AJ has a real blog for the July8 #Airflotilla mission putting even more attention on that, which IOA wants to hide for all: The EL AL WEBLOG!

Like in every attempt, when Israel or it’s sympathisants try to silence press coverage or any other form of attention for it’s actions, the “BDS” of IOA works counter productive.  Before we seen it with the Stop the $30 Billion to Israel-Campaign billboards and the Seattle busads which caused International Stir

. The question raises, someone who is driving a car will notice those billboards or busads anyway (in Seattle) but hence, the “BDS” of Zionism has managed to make it International headlines.
Now Israel proofs again: Silencing the activists and truth seeking journos is giving more attention than they ever wished for! So keep tuned for July 8 on the EL AL LIVE BLOG of AlJazeera!

July 6, 2011 – Israel

Two Dutch journalists were not allowed to baord a flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv late yesterday.

Security Correspondent Bud Wichers and Photographer Ettora Hesseling, who are both working for an International news agency, recently covered the preperation of the Dutch Flotilla activists from Greece.

They intended to sail with flotilla, but backed out after a disagreement between the Dutch organizers and Dutch journalists.
They were told by a staff member of El Al Airlines, an Israeli company, that that they would pose a serious flight risk, and for that reason could not board the plane.

“We wanted to tell both sides of the Flotilla story and scheduled interviews with Israelis who oppose the action of the activists,” said Wichers.

“Later on we wanted to go to Gaza to see how Israel is bringing aid to the people there. Israel denied us the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Instead we are labeled terrorists now, even though Netanyahu’s office specifically said they would not target journalists who covered the Freedom Flotilla 2.”

Wichers has worked numerous times in the Israel and the Palestinian areas and covered the Middle East for over 10 years.


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