Detainee in Ramallah goes on hunger strike

[ 10/07/2011 – 05:46 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Mohammed Naim Al-Aruri went on hunger strike in a Ramallah jail on Saturday to protest being held in jail for three months after completing his sentence.

Relatives of Aruri, 24, told the PIC that he was adamant on pursuing his hunger strike until the Ramallah authorities order his release, affirming that he completed his six-month sentence over three months ago.

His parents said that Aruri was taken from his home in Arura village, west of Ramallah, on 7/10/2010 and obtained a ruling from the higher court ordering his release.

However, the Ramallah intelligence in complete disregard to the court ruling held a military trial for the youth and sentenced him to six months in jail on 3/4/2011  counting the previous period since his arrest, they said.

They appealed to human rights groups to intervene and demand the release of their son and to curb the Ramallah security apparatuses’ tampering with their son and other Palestinians’ freedom.


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