OIC: Gaza medicine security is dying into crisis which is “the worst of its kind”.

[ 12/07/2011 – 03:25 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (the OIC) said in its monthly report that medical security in Gaza is dying and has plummeted into a crisis which is “the worst of its kind”.

The report says the hospitals and medical centers suffer an acute shortage in medicines and medical supplies which has put a hold on eye operations, pediatric surgeries, and cardiac catherization, and tumor operations and caused special formula milk for children to completely run out.

The report urges the Red Crescent and human right groups in Arab and Muslim countries for the need to act urgently in providing the Strip with its medical needs.

In terms of the projects by international and local organizations operating in the Gaza Strip, the report observes most of this month’s funding went to the water and waste water sectors while the women and child health sector remained below the required levels.

It said that although there was a marked calm in terms of Israeli military operations against the Strip, the Israeli occupation forces continued to harass Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza coast.

It highlighted that two men died while working on the tunnels on the Rafah border crossing.

This month there was a noticeable increase in aid convoys and foreign support groups showing solidarity with the Gazans, said the OIC, which has 56 member states and a permanent seat in the UN. The month saw the first aid convoy from South Africa, as the first of its kind from Africa.

With regards to the energy crisis, the report recorded continued power outages with a slight drop in the length of the lapses because of the institution of a third generator. It details also that obtaining water is still a daily challenge for Gazans as the heat rises and the energy condition worsens.

The OIC secretary-general Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu has promised to study the possibility of a visit to the Gaza Strip soon in light of the OIC’s hiked intervention as well as invitations by several humanitarian groups and officials.


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