Eleven Palestinian Youths Detained In Silwan

Wednesday July 13, 2011 16:51 by Kevin Murphy – IMEMC and Agencies

Wafa has reported that eleven Palestinian teenagers have been arrested in the Palestinian district of Silwan in East Jerusalem. The teenagers, aged between 14-17, were taken from their homes by Israeli military on Wednesday during a raid of the area


Eleven Palestinian teenagers were taken from their homes today in the Palestinian area of Silwan in East Jerusalem. The teen agers are accused of through stones at the nearby settlement of Beit Yonatan.

A police spokesperson has stated the youth will be charged in the coming days.

Silwan is situated near the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been extensively targeted by the Israeli municipality for housing demolitions under the pretext of building an archaeological park known as “The City of David” in the area.

A road running through Silwan to connect settlements to the city has also recently been announced. Housing demolition notices have been served to locals to make way for the planned 4 meter wide road.


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