Resheq: Those who insist on Fayyad responsible for scuppering reconciliation

[ 15/07/2011 – 05:01 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Ezzat Al-Resheq, member of Hamas’s political bureau, said Thursday that the insistence of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas on naming Salam Fayyad as the next prime minister was scuppering the national reconciliation process.

In an interview with the Kuwaiti KUNA news agency, Resheq regretted the statements of Abbas that Fayyad was his only choice for the premiership post and that no reconciliation without Fayyad.

“This is a clear violation to the spirit of the Cairo agreement that all Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah have signed in Egypt as we agreed to name the next prime minister through harmony and mutual understanding, and thus no party could impose his candidates on the others,” Resheq explained.

Fayyad, according to local sources, isn’t welcomed by Hamas and many Palestinian factions including good number of Fatah prominent figures.

“Abbas knows very well that Fayyad doesn’t enjoy acceptance among the great majority of the Palestinian people, and therefore, if he insisted on naming Fayyad then he should be responsible for derailing the reconciliation process,” Resheq underscored, saying the Hamas was pursuing tremendous efforts with Turkey, Egypt, and even members of Fatah faction to overcome this obstacle.

Furthermore, the Hamas official pointed out that Egypt and Turkey were convinced and understood Hamas’s point of view because it goes in harmony with the spirit of the Cairo agreement.

In the same context, Resheq disclosed that talks were underway with the Egyptian officials to prepare for the anticipated visit of Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, to Cairo.

“Had we all abided by the text and spirit of the Cairo agreement that harmony  should always be present among factions in deciding matters, we could have formed the next cabinet and name the next premier in one session only,” Resheq highlighted.


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