Weekly protests continue against apartheid wall

Weekly protests continue against apartheid wall

16-07-2011,13:08- Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website– West Bank- Weekly anti-apartheid wall marches continued in the West Bank on Friday a week after protests in Bil’in managed to dismantle part of the wall.

Dozens sustained breathing difficulties after Israeli occupation forces cracked down on a march in Al-Ma’sara. The force pursued those participants into the village’s downtown area and imposed tight security measures against them.

An organizing official said the soldiers prevented them from reaching the area where the wall was erected and fired a barrage of tear gas, injuring dozens.

Elsewhere, a Palestinian man was wounded and tens more suffered breathing difficulties after inhaling tear gas during clashes with Israeli forces in Bil’in.

The clashes began after dozens of peace activists and pro-Palestinian foreigners joined a march there, including the deputy French consul and the French consular’s press attaché.

The same day, Palestinians alongside pro-Palestinian Israeli activists staged another peaceful march in Jerusalem to protest the expansion of settlement activity in city.

Tensions ran high when the marchers reached their destination of the Sheikh Jarrah district where another demo for the Israeli far right was organized.


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