Activists say Israel hinted at banishing them from Jerusalem

[ 16/07/2011 – 04:38 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Several Jerusalem politicians and activists have revealed that Israeli intelligence services hinted at banishing them over activities they have taken part in while in the holy city.

Israeli intelligence recently summoned those figures on separate occasions, and the men said that during questioning they received messages implying that if they continued their activities, they would be banished from the holy city in September.

Reliable sources and foreign diplomats as well as human rights organizations confirmed earlier that Israeli occupation authorities prepared a list of 384 Palestinian activists, politicians, and figures in Jerusalem that would be exiled from the city. They said that the Israeli home front minister approved of the step and left it up to the security and intelligence agencies to determine the time and place.

Jerusalem’s exile-threatened public figures, who are seeking asylum at the Jerusalem Red Cross, considered the step a move to purge Jerusalem of its leaders who defend the city and expose Israel’s plans to Judaize the holy city.

They said in a statement that Israel seeks to “sow fear and terror in the heart of everyone who tries to defend the city”.

The statement also declares the step a “flagrant violation of rights and freedoms by those who claim democracy (i.e. Israel), and it demonstrates the extent of [Israel’s] racism against the Arab and Muslim residents of Jerusalem”.


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