ALERT for #Gaza #Palestine | “Ikariam” a free game to blackmail Palestinian teenagers


17-07-2011,13:56 – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website– Israeli occupation intelligence services  (Shabak) still using its multiple and different methods including the advanced technology to attract bigger number of teenagers, youth and minors in a try-to tempt them for working on their behalf, collaborating and spying.

One of these dirty methods used by the Israeli “Shabak” is the Ikariam” free game, which is especially created by Israeli intelligence services  for such purpose.

“Ikariam” is a military game that consists of cities, castles, armies and several weapons etc, the game designers aimed at attracting big number of youth and teenagers to registering and involving  in the  game, without knowing who is responsible for this free games website.

Enlisting collaborators

Trustworthy security source exposed for “Safa” news agency  on Wednesday that the Israeli intelligence services long time ago have established a game on the internet called “Ikariam”  aimed at attracting kids, teenagers, youth and miners to registering with real on unreal names as mostly requested by any free-game websites on the internet.

 The security source confirmed  that the Israeli intelligence service added a new feature  to the game, which is ” opening a chatting room that allows members to exchange speeches while playing games”. Through chatting rooms members can find intelligence men with fake nicknames such as the Arabic ones, “Fursan Al Shahada”,” Ashik Al Shahada”, “Qamar Mutalale”, “Al Qannas” and many other fake nicknames, they start introducing themselves to create bond friendships with members.

Continue saying: ” youth go deeply in talking to those persons, especially they are minors and teenagers who having no enough awareness of what they doing, some are older and interested in creating friendships with other persons, or persons who have limited culture.

The relationship gets stronger by the time, so intelligence man who is still unknown ask for the number of the other person, start talking to him and pulling his leg with several ways.

 Most of youth and teenagers who spent long times siting on the internet service in the Palestinian territories are interested in looking for violent games and action films as an impact of the negative effect that reflects their psychologies of what they hear or watch of crimes and massacres by the hands of the Israeli occupation forces through the previous years of the Palestinian Intifada.

Blackmail attempt

Palestinian internal security service of the Palestinian government in Gaza said that they aware of the game and the seriousness of it, especially after a Palestinian citizen came to the headquarter of the service informing them that he has registered in the  “Ikariam” free-game website  with fake nickname, and that he started creating friendships with members, where someone asked him for information about the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The source added, according to citizen, he registered in the game with his personal email account, password and fake nickname, started introducing himself for number of members and friends talking to them as may happen when playing any game or chatting on the world wide web, as a result he created a bond friendship with somebody called  “A,H” who claimed that he is from the United Arab Emirates, asking him for his cell phone number, since that they started a strong relationship, talking to each other regularly.

They pointed out that “A,H” has sent $200 to citizen’s bank account  as an aid, according to the citizen, the intelligence man started asking him about the activities of the Palestinian resistance factions and headquarters, in addition to providing him with sensitive information about the resistance in Gaza, the thing citizen refused.

Meanwhile, “A,H” started threatening the Palestinian young man of death in case of refusing collaboration and providing him with the information that the Israeli intelligence services need, despite that, the Palestinian young man refused and stopped the relationship immediately.

The security sources said ” after death and blackmail threats he received, the Palestinian young man informed the professional services with all details immidiately.

Due to these serious developments, the Palestinian security services in Gaza warned its members from registering or playing  the  “Ikariam” free-game on the internet.

In addition, the internal security service in Gaza released an official press statement including all the details provided  by the Palestinian young man.

The source called on all Palestinian youth for not involving in such free games, warning all citizens, especially youth of both genders, males and females of registering or collaborating with any suspected persons on any internet websites, it also called on them to inform the internal security service of any suspicious persons or website.

It is important to mention here that the Israeli intelligence service never stop from using multiple and dirty ways, especially the advanced technology for enlisting collaborators for working on their behalf, whether by calling them at their cell phones, down through girls, or by exploitation of their young ages and lower living standard.


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