Seven citizens (of which 4 children) wounded by Israeli air strike

Seven citizens were wounded by Israeli air strike

17-07-2011,09:09  – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website – Besieged Gaza- Seven Palestinian civilians were injured in Israeli air force attacks on Gaza Strip Tuesday at morning, July 17th ,2011, four children reported among the injuries.

Israeli fighter jets struck on Tuesday at morning several areas North of Gaza Strip, most of the Israeli attacks were on Beit Hanon city.

Adham Abu Similiya, spokesman of the higher committee for ambulance and emergency services, reported that one of the chrldren is in critical situation.

In the lastt days, the Israeli air strike targeted the Gaza food tunnels in Rafah city near the Egyptian borders.

Another air strikes targeted Saladin Brigades’ site in Khanyounis city south of Gaza Strip, special sources in the Brigades said that the Israeli air strike aimed at assassinating Saladin Brigades’ top commander, Zakaria Doghmush and some other commanders of the brigades.

The sources reported that the top commander of the brigades Zakaria Doghmush  and some other leaders were survived the assassination attempt.

The military wing, Saladin Brigades released a press statement directly after the failure assassination attempt, praising the almighty Allah for saving its blessed leadership, and asserted on continuing  the path of resistance and Jihad against the Israeli occupation.

The brigades said that the Israeli enemy opened the doors of conflict against the resistance and that he will never be able to close his own doors because the choice is only  in the hand of the Palestinian resistance.

In addition, three empty areas were targeted by the Israeli air strikes.


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