Fears for Freedom #Flotilla II

Monday, 18 July 2011 14:56

Disclosure: The action of Israeli commandos in Greek territorial waters and scenarios for the detonation of the boats of the Freedom Flotilla. Israel was preparing for Greek casualties.

The members of the Greek initiative who are involved in the Freedom Flotilla II mission have made very serious allegations about the existence of a ship with Israeli commandos in Greek territorial waters as well as scenarios about detonating Freedom Flotilla II ships. At the same time, diplomatic sources say that Israel was preparing for the possibility of casualties among Greek passengers of the Flotilla.

The only Freedom Fotilla vessel which was eventually allowed to leave, the French “Dignite / Al Karama”, began its course on Saturday night from Kastelorizo. While travelling in international waters, there were increasing concerns about the fate of the 17 passengers, as the impending Israeli response remains unknown. Two serious points of evidence support these concerns, as reported by Vangelis Pissias and Takis Politis exclusively to thepressproject.gr and tvxs.gr. We met them at Sitia’s port, where the “Dignite” was docked, before departing for Kastelorizo.

Scenarios for the detonation of boats from the Flotilla:

First, at a diplomatic level between Greece and Israel, suggested scenarios have been exchanged, in agreement with which there are said to be extremist elements involved in the mission, who would not hesitate to blow up a ship, in order to provoke rapid political developments. Specifically, on a diplomatic level the current reference about the Flotilla is: “It is of the greatest concern that 5% of passengers come from radical Islamist circles (Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas) and will seek to create a major media event – even by blowing up the ship – in order to create a “political tsunami”. “

It is known that the story about Islamic extremist groups is not substantiated, as this year’s mission is composed, in the vast majority, of European and North American citizens. Members of the Freedom Flotilla fear that the fabrication of the related scenario is only intended to act as a cover for the anticipated possibility of any explosion in the fleet instigated by Israel itself. “The Greek government, is aware of those scenarios, and if any of them should materialize, the government will be accountable to the people of Greece, to the international community, to history,” says Takis Politis.

Diplomatic sources also reveal that the Israeli government considers it most likely that there be casualties among the members of the Greek mission. For this reason, they requested a specific person to be designated in the Greek embassy with whom they are to communicate in such circumstances. The same sources confirmed that all steps of the Greek government against the Flotilla were dictated by senior Israeli officials, such as General of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Eliezer Maroum, or J. Coren, the Israeli in charge of Flotilla issues. Israel specifically requested:

A. The issuing of travel advice that will prevent people from breaking Gaza’s blockade.

B. The cancellation of the ships’ registrations from their countries’ flag.

C. The cancellation of their shipping insurance from insurance companies.

Israeli commandos in Greek territorial waters:

On behalf of the Initiative “Ship to Gaza”, Vangelis Pissias also denounced the existence of a ship in Greek waters, that is carrying sophisticated telecommunications equipment as well as Israeli commandos, with the knowledge of Greek authorities. This vessel was seen both in Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, where the ships of the Freedom Flotilla were docked.

“We do not know if this ship has been assigned for a special task of action,” says

Mr. Pissias, who, as this ship was seen moving near the Dodecanese and the Turkish coast, considers it probable that it is responsible for the sabotage of Irish Freedom Flotilla ship. Also, as some claim to have identified the same ship at Alimos port, it is also presumed to be responsible for the sabotage of Juliano ship.


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