Freegaza – Letter from Gaza to be delivered to Greek Embassies around the world

The small French-flagged ship, MV Dignite, is currently making its way to Gaza, carrying citizens from Canada, France, Greece, Israel, Sweden and Tunisia. The people on board not only represent the hundreds that were planning to sail as part of Freedom Flotilla II, but the millions around the world that stand against Israel’s illegal policies and ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.

Greece shamefully prevented 8 Freedom Flotilla ships from sailing from its ports, then tried to mask its complicity in Israel’s illegal blockade by offering to deliver the Flotilla’s aid to Gaza in coordination with Israel. The response to this offer from Gaza is clear — FREEDOM NOT CHARITY! (Please see letter here)

On Monday July 18 and Tuesday July 19, activists around the world will be hand-delivering the letter from the Palestinians in Gaza to Greek Consulates and Embassies in various cities, including San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Copenhagen, Dublin, Oslo and Edinburg. Other cities are also being organized. If you have a Greek Embassy in your city, please take the initiative!

Call on the Government of Greece to respect Palestinians’ dignity and human rights, release detained boats, and let future flotilla’s sail to Gaza.


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