IOF drops leaflets on Gaza sunday evening  | Gaza TV News

IOF drops leaflets on Gaza sunday eveningIsraeli forces dropped leaflets from warplanes on the north of the Gaza strip Sunday evening.  The leaflets warn residents to stay at least 300m from the ‘security fence’, the de-facto border between Israel and Gaza. The area 300m from the border is referred to as the ‘buffer zone’ but unlike other buffer zones between conflicting territories it exists only on the Palestinian side not the Israeli side and as a result it denies Gazans access to 35% of their agricultural land.

The leaflet dropped by Israeli warplanes Sunday evening on the citizens north of the Strip:

To the people of the Gaza Strip “the IDF re-warning the prohibition of approaching the border fence at a distance of less than 300 m, and all those close to expose himself to danger, where the forces take military action to remove him, including fire . the Forewarned is forearmed.

via IOF drops leaflets on Gaza sunday evening |  | Gaza TV News.

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