A German Submarine to Prepare for Killing All Non-Jews?

Kawther Salam | July 18, 2011

A horrific incitement to perpetrate holocaust against humanity, to kill all non-jews, was issued and published in the “holy” jewish rabbinic book “Torat  Hamelech” or “The King’s Torah” (תורת המלךתורת המלך) written by the hate-preaching Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira (הרב יצחק שפירא), Yosef Elitzur (הרב יוסף אליצור), Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the occupied Nablus in the West Bank “Yitzhar, יצהר” colony, Dov Lior (דב ליאור) from the Hebron colony, and adopted by many high Rabbis in and out of Israel, among them Haim Druckman (חיים דרוקמן).

The book, which is widely distributed deals mainly in the laws relating to the killing of gentiles and explains when it is permissible to kill “gentiles” (non-jews) in peacetime and wartime. Among other permissible acts of killing, it says that “if there is a danger to the people of Israel, a non-jew may be killed, even if “it” is a boy or a baby” – according to the head of the of the “Od Yosef Chai” Yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, in his “holy” miserable book, which was written together with many others of human hater. The book has over 230 pages.

The incitement hateful book, which is highly controversial even in israel, not because of its content but because of its potential for bad publicity, was published two year ago and its existence has become widely known around the world. Despite this, the Federal Government of Germany shows itself extremely generous towards Israel. The German government supports the sale, actually gift, of the sixth “Dolphin”-class submarine to Israel, a submarine which could help them to implement the religious edict written in the “King’s Torah”, namely to kill all the non-jews, as they (we) are deemed a “threat” to israel.

According to German magazine Der Spiegel in an article released Sunday July 17 2011, the German government is subvention the price of the submarine with 135 million Euros. The German Federal Administration says that its support for armament sales to Israel will amount to a total of 135 million euros. In the draft of the federal budget for 2012, the issue is itemized as a “contribution to the procurement of defensive systems for Israel” in the “Single Plan 60” (general approvals).

According to the report, German Defense Minister Tomas de Maiziere met Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his counterpart, “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak in Israel last week and promised to finalize the deal for the submarine.

Incredibly, the gift of the “Dolphin” submarines to israel is not controversial in Germany, contrary to the sale of 200 “Leopard 2” tanks to Saudi Arabia, which has been widely criticized.

According also to Der Spiegel, the gift of the submarines is mentioned as “war reparations” in a US telegram. This is extremely interesting because israel DID NOT EXIST in the years 1938-1945, and the people murdered by the nazis were German, Polish, Russian etc. citizens, so it would make sense that war reparations, if at all, were paid to these countries instead of lavishing money and weapons on israel to subvention their plunder and genocide of Palestine and Palestinians. Ultimately the German government knows best what to do with the money of German taxpayers.

Still, the money aspect is the least important one in this transaction. While the sale of tanks to Saudi Arabia can be called criminal because these tanks will only be used to suppress political dissent, the gift of submarines to israel must be called criminally irresponsible.

Israelis are raised on a mixture of propaganda and brain-washing wherein Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also other nations such as the USA are enemies of Israel and want to destroy all jews; Israelis are also taught to hate Europeans (but specially Germans) and “know” that revenge will be obtained sooner or later, and of course, according master propagandist Rupert Murdoch, “We live in a world where there is an ongoing war against the jews”.

In this charged atmosphere, the extremist Rabbis of the squatter movement released their “Torat HaMelech” two years ago, an evil book which allows and instructs jews to kill non-jews who stand in their way – a blanket legitimization for murder. Now, with these facts on the ground which are most likely known in German government circles, the German government gives Israel 6 submarines which can easily be retrofitted to allow for the launching of rockets with nuclear payloads.

These submarines can be used against European (and other) nations, according to the rabbinical edicts written in the “Torat HaMelech” and popular sentiment among the israeli population, to “avenge” the nazi holocaust and other real and imagined past injuries.

It is extremely problematic that Germany and other countries are firmly playing blind and deaf to this dangerous reality: while they see no evil and play nice, the real power in israel, the fundamentalist rabbis are inciting a population already propagandized into extreme hysteria, to “seek revenge”.

The people of Germany (and other nations) would do well in taking a very critical look at politicians who act against the necessary conclusions from what they know and put extremely dangerous weapons into the hands of irresponsibles with violent proclivities who are “FRIENDS” ONLY IN NAME.


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