Germany Sells Nuclear-Capable Submarines to Israel at Discount Price

PNN – Palestine News Network -19.07.11 – 11:16

Jerusalem- PNN- The sixth and final German submarine is awaiting the transfer of 135 million Euros from Israel before it makes its journey to join the Israeli Naval force (IN). 


Sale of the hybrid electronic/diesel, nuclear-capable, vessel has been stalled in negotiations for the last year. Israel was hoping to receive heavy subsidization from the German government. Priced at 700 million Euros the Dolphin class submarine developed by ThyssenKrupp in Hamburg is the single most expensive weapons platform in the Israeli arsenal.
Israel received the first two submarines for free as an appreciation gift from Germany for not engaging in the Gulf Wars in the ‘90s and as a German effort to reinforce the Israeli military. The third was sold at half of the original cost and the next two were discounted by up to one third according to the Global Research center and Military Today.

Sale of the sixth was slowed in 2010 due to the economic down turn. Chancellor Merkel was facing increasing austerity measures locally and could not afford the subsidies that Israel, with its recently trimmed defense budget, needed to make the deal float.

But after a meeting last week in Jerusalem German Defense Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, has finalized the sale of the vessel as well as extending the contract to include two more submarines for 2012 and 2013 says UPI.

The price of the seventh and eighth submarines is yet to be released.

Dolphin class submarines can carry several dozen soldiers, have electronic intelligence equipment and are capable of launching cruise missiles with nuclear warheads from up to 45 miles away.  According to Global Israel is reported to have made test launches from the Dolphin off the coast of Sri Lanka in 2000.


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