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I Am Human

I too am human, like you, or anyone else, I too am human,
I too have a heart, which does feel pain,
I too shed tears, when emotions rain,
I too have family, whom I love dearly,
I too ache, when loved ones are lost,
I too am frightened, when violence is near,
I too want to live in peace, and tranquility, without fear,
I am no different to you, but yet my suffering is not worthy,
I too am human, but this you can’t see,

If only you would look deep in my tearful eyes,
And ask yourself; “where is the humanity?”
Were we put on this earth to cause death and destruction?
What if I were you, and you were me,
This could easily have been,
Would you accept the life, which you impose upon me?

Every day I live hell on earth,
But no matter how far you push me, I would never wish this upon anybody,
No mother, no child, no father,
Not even you,
Instead, I stay patient, keep my trust in God and wait the other side,
To finally live in peace,
Safe, with the protection of my God,
But will you?
You call yourselves Christians, Muslims and Jews,
The people of the book,
Well why don’t you take a closer look,
The Bible, Quran, Torah, all forbid the murder of an innocent soul!
Even if you aren’t of any religion,
Answer yourself in the name of humanity,
Is it right to force away a woman’s purity?!
Soldiers raping women like it’s a normality,
Is it right, your warfare spreading the insanity?!
Widening world hunger and poverty,
When you should be defeating world hunger and poverty!

Look, look, look at the injustices,
They are so widespread,
From the shoes on your feet, to the oil in your car,
From the tax that you pay, to the products that you buy,
Everything runs in a cycle, the rich man starts it, the rich man profits, the poor mans suffering is that what drives it,
Silence, this maintains it..

This world is one, we are all brothers,
Race, religion, doesn’t differentiate from us being human,
Division is their tool to implement this evil,
From borders to ethnicity to religion,
Division is a form of dehumanisation,
Enough to make you sympathise with my oppressor,
But let’s sit back and think about this just for a second,
How can you sympathise with the oppressor?
This the people who make my children suffer,
This the system, a giant blood sucker,
This the system that exploits from the majority to profit the minority,
Leaving us with nothing,
Clean water, that’s a blessing,
Before you sympathise, I suggest you take a look at the facts,
History will guide you to side with the oppressed,
And only the oppressed!

This beautiful earth we have all been blessed with,
Air, mountains, sea, soil,
A work of art by the creator,
For all his creations,
If God sees us as equal, what makes you so superior?
My children are starving, crying, can’t sleep at night all the while your wallets inflate,
This isn’t some game it is human life,
Human life, just as precious as X or Y,
Picture looking out the window,
To see tanks razing over trees, land, and houses,
Hovering drones controlled by a coward in a chair pressing buttons from a unit miles away,
Sipping tea while the bombs drop and my mother is taken,
Picture looking out the window,
To see the bullets that travel through my baby sister,
Her whole future gone in an instance, her fate decided by a system where she is just a number,
Or my baby brother, shaking waiting for some water,
The smallest thing to you, the difference between life and death for us,
10-year-old Abeer Eskafi, blocked from hugging her father by those Zionist guards,
Psychological & nervous breakdown, lapsed into a coma, and passed,
May her beautiful soul, rest in peace,
A hug from her dear father, the line between her life and death,
Just one example, from a sea of millions,

Only when we see the person to the right, the left, the front and back as human, equal,
Can we begin to make a difference with clear and pure intentions,

I am Palestinian
I am Egyptian
I am Tunisian
I am Syrian
I am Libyan
I am Yemeni
I am Bahraini
I am Jordanian
I am Lebanese
I am Iraqi
I am Afghan
I am Pakistani
I am Iranian
I am Somali
I am Bangladeshi
I am Chinese
I am Bosnian
I am Chagossian

I am the indigenous
I am the oppressed
I am the occupied
I am the exploited
I am the expelled
I am that child that you put in a sweatshop

I am British, but more importantly, I am human so I feel their pain,
So I refer to them as I,
This message is for every oppressor,
And every person who supports the oppression,
When you imprison one, you imprison us all,
Until everyone is free, none of us are free,
Our fight will surely be victorious,
Unity, non-violence, and truth,
Are our weapons to overcome your divide, violence, and lies,
Power to the people, and down with the supremacy,

We are all human.
As Vittorio said: “Stay Human”


As East-Africa faces one of it’s worst droughts in 60 years, endangering 11 million people, I have decided to part-take in a 10K run on August 28th, during Ramadan, in order to raise much needed funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee; East Africa Crisis Appeal.

To sponsor me, and to donate to the DEC:

Visit http://www.justgiving.com/hamzah-nurgat – do not forget to click “gift aid” if you are a UK tax payer, in order to increase your donation at no extra cost


Send a free text to 70070, with the code: “HAMZ92” followed by the amount, e.g. “£1”


Via PayPal, to: hamzah_1992@live.co.uk

While we must help and provide our assistance, it is also essential to acknowledge that this current humanitarian disaster is man-made as much as it is natural; right now, aid is absolutely vital, but long-term policies are the only lasting solution, and it is the absence of this long-term implementation by the world along with the continued exploitation which has led to the instability in East-Africa today.

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