Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Issues Press Release Condemning New “Boycott Law”

PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.07.11 – 14:38

Bethlehem – PNN – The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid has issued a press release explaining the consequences of the new boycott law passed in the Israeli Knesset last week.


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“The law defines public boycott as a new type of ‘civil wrong’ or tort. It will enable settlers or other parties targeted by boycotts to sue anyone who calls for boycott, and the court may award compensation including punitive damages, even if no actual damage is caused to the boycotted parties,” the statement says.

CAIA goes on to write that the boycott law follows the example of previous legislation such as the Nakba Law, that defunds institutions supported by the state that commemorate the Nakba, a sequence of events in 1948 in which around 700,000 Palestinians left their homes, many by force, and have not been able to return since.

The press release ends with a quotation by Hind Awwad, coordinator of the Palestinian BDS National Committee, who said, “This new legislation, which violates international law, is testament to the success of the rapidly growing global BDS movement and a realisation within political elites inside Israel that the state is becoming a world pariah in the way that South Africa once was.”

The CAIA was largely founded on the 2005 Palestinian civil society call for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it complies with international law.


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