Israeli prison administration cracks down on Palestinian academic

[ 20/07/2011 – 04:37 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Professor Mustafa al-Shannar, 49, a prisoner in the Israeli Megiddo prison and lecturer at the Al-Najah National University, was transferred to the prison’s clinic two days ago after experiencing sharp chest pains, the Tadhamon international human rights organization has reported.

Tadhamon researcher and prisoner rights expert Ahmed al-Beitawi said the prison did not do enough regarding his condition, as a few tests were only taken.

Along with previous health problems, Shannar underwent a catheter operation and heart implant just days after his arrest from Nablus in early June.


The senior Palestinian academic is being held in administrative detention without charges or an investigation.

In a related context, the Israeli prison service has announced a ban on the Palestinian prisoners’ right to education.

The move comes as one of the tightened restrictions announced by senior Israeli leadership aimed at pressuring the captors of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit into releasing him on Israel’s terms in a prisoner exchange.

More restrictions on visitation and purchasing are being weighed by the Israeli Knesset and are expected to be implemented soon.

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