Refugees in Gaza Protest at UNRWA HQ for Second Day


PNN – Palestine News Network –  21.07.11 – 16:03

Gaza – PNN – The popular committee for refugees in Gaza continued on Thursday to organize protests outside the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City.

ImageThe committee called for a sit-in on Wednesday and Thursday to protest as organizers say a decline in UNRWA’s services and the change of its name. Last month UNRWA changed its logo then changed it back in a wave of protest.

According to local reporters, dozens of refugees gathered outside the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City and blocked the entrance to the buildings as well as the neighboring UNRWA main Middle East headquarters. Staff members were not able to enter either of the offices, witnesses reported.

So far UNRWA has issued no press statement on the matter. Organizers announced today that protests will continue as long as services continue to be cut.


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