3 arrested and 2 injured in Nabi Saleh rally

Published today (updated) 22/07/2011 18:13

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Two people were injured and three others arrested in a weekly rally in the village of Nabi Saleh on Friday.

Israeli soldiers had tried to raid the village but were confronted by local residents.

Soldiers then fired stun grenades and canisters into the crowds, injuring dozens who inhaled the tear gas.

“Anan Najeh At-Tamimi, 11, and another resident were lightly injured when an Israeli soldier fired a stun grenade at them,” a member of the popular youth committee said.

There were reports of tense scenes in the the village of Nabi Saleh on Thursday as Israeli soldiers attempted to remove a protest tent erected by young people from the Popular Resistance movement.

“Dozens of Israeli soldiers had tried to raid the village but the young men who were in the tent confronted the soldiers and prevented them from proceeding to the center of the village,” locals told Ma’an.

The tent is seen as a symbol of popular resistance against Israeli occupation.

Nabi Saleh is the scene of weekly protests calling for an end to the confiscation of village lands by illegal Israeli settlements.


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