Israeli Army Acquires New Weaponry to Combat Slated September Protests For Palestinian Statehood

PNN – Palestine News Network –  22.07.11 – 12:51

Bethlehem – PNN – The Israeli army has worked diligently to strengthen its arsenal of military weapons in preparation for the wide scale demonstrations that are set to occur in the West Bank as the Palestinian Authority takes its case for statehood to the United Nations.


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The army has recently purchased a device called the “scream” that emits bursts of sound at such levels that it leaves those nearby nauseated.

The army also plans to use a new device; similar to the “skunk cannon” that sprays a foul smelling liquid at demonstrators, but in the form of a bomb.

Along with new weapons the army has stocked up on tear gas and rubber bullets, according to a report in the Israeli news source the Jerusalem Post.

The army has also began to issue a new receiver for the M-16 semi-automatic rifle that takes .22-calibre rounds, which are less deadly than the traditional 5.56 mm bullet.

The procurement of armaments follows the Israeli military’s completion of a new operational doctrine that focuses on how to contain popular resistance to the occupation.


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