Popular Resistance Conference Urges Continued and Larger Resistance Struggle

PNN – Palestine News Network – 22.07.11 – 12:10

Ramallah – PNN – The final statement of the Palestine Popular Resistance Conference this week urged Palestinians to continue the struggle against the occupying power in larger numbers with all sectors of society and international activists contributing. 

The conference was held on the 16, 17 and 18 of this month in the towns of Beit Ommar, Ni’lin and Bodrus village on each respective day. The conference was attended by many members of the local communities in each district as well as Governors from the districts, the Minister of State concerning settlement and wall affairs, leaders of the Central Committee, the PLO and national and Islamic movements.
The Conference stated the importance of popular resistance during a time when the Israeli government continues to try and create facts on the ground in an attempt to make it harder to relinquish Palestinian land. Such moves by the Israeli government and Zionist movement are attempts to create an illusion that the land illegal settlements are built on is rightfully Israel’s.
The conference recorded their reservations that Popular Resistance committees have not currently been doing enough to aid the struggle against Palestinian oppression. The conference called for this to change and for larger numbers to take part in resistance, especially with the on-going diplomatic efforts to have Palestine recognised as an independent state at the UN.
Resistance as well as including marches and protests could include boycotts against Israeli products and the possibility of the boycott of the Israeli labour market especially vis-à-vis settlements built on land occupied during 1967. The conference did express that such a boycott would have to find alternatives for any Palestinian workers that currently work within these settlements.
The conference commended the role of President Mahmoud Abbas for his valiant effort in attempting to get a Palestinian State recognised by UN members. The valuable commitment of international solidarity activists was also acknowledged as was the time and economic sacrifices they had to make for the Palestinian cause.
The steadfastness of Palestinians currently held prisoner by Israel was welcomed, and the conference stressed the importance of all Palestinians to help those prisoners have their human rights upheld.
The role of women in the resistance struggle was described as imperative and the conference stated the need for more women to take part in the struggle as without them Palestinians would never reap the full rewards of popular resistance.
Lastly the conference made sure to note the valuable successes gained by the Palestinian people in Alsawyah, Deir Estia, Gayous, Iraq Burin, Burin, Bodrus, Kharbatha, Liqia, Beit Duqqu, Ni’lin, Selwan, Almasara, Alwalajah, Bait Ummar, Twana, Sosya, Hebron, Bait Ola and Sorif, as well as in Bil’in; the last village which won a legal battle against the Israeli government to reroute the wall earlier this year.


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