The anniversary of asssassinating Sheikh Salah Shehada

الله يرحم كل الشهداء

The anniversary of asssassinating Sheikh Salah Shehada

Al Qassam Website | July 22, 2011

Few are those who are remembered and fewer are those who leave a mark on their nations after their passing. Still, there are people who are more unique than that. They are a type of people whose passing away awakens their nations and whose actions light the way for those who want to achieve their dream.

In Palestine, tens of thousands of people were murdered by the occupation over the past century. Each and every one of them is a story of suffering injustice and struggling for freedom. Most of them were exceptional people for facing up to ruthless circumstances and living their lives and dreams. Although they were passing through its darkest corners, they held on to their dream and saw freedom at the end of the tunnel.

It takes an extraordinary type of people to lead and provide an example to their nations despite the darkness and obstacles. In face of a brutal subjugator tirelessly trying to break them down, these people light the darkest tunnel corners; the greater the darkness, the greater the light. The nation is more important than the self. They willingly burned as candles to light the way.


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