Elders in the Valley of Hebron… Holding their Land – in Pictures

The age of eight and seventy years old and walking intermittent Ekazatah, not even what he called “home” to be a reason to stop the attack herds of occupiers have it intermittently, after holding their land in spite of all temptations and harassment.

Tturned the story of Haji Abdul Haseeb Zalloum from the city of Hebron model of moving media to the suffering of the city’s population from their neighbors Alajabbaraan rapists, demolishing the house and confiscated most of his land was not only a new factor of its stability in the home a reality not a slogan to sing it.

Pile of iron in a bus lintel time-live-Haj Zalloum since the Israeli occupation forces demolished his house to force him to leave and the completion of the acquisition of land for the usurpers of the land of “Bani Na’im” _ Kiryat Arba -, so they look in shape pile iron is rust-plagued but soon smell the smell of the steadfastness and dust embodied in the elderly Palestinians will never come out of his land but to his grave – he says.

It began as tells Haji Abdul Hasib’s “Palestine now” before one of eleven years when bulldozers demolished the occupying his home under the pretext of building without a permit in the home, but the sub was a punishment for refusing to give up and sell the land for rapists.

Not only did the Israeli soldiers demolished the home, but they increased by a broken left hand, after offered him also sell the land was his answer denied the inalienable talk, because he knows that this will be the key rapists to take on the “neighborhood Gharws” where you live dozens of Palestinian families. and says Abu Hatem’s “Palestine now,” a resident of the neighborhood that the occupation forces confiscated 500 dunums of land in the area of the usurped “Kiryat Arba”, this, as well as harassment usurpers of the land “Kharsina”

Also, setting up camp for the troops, “border guards”, making the neighborhood between the jaws of the occupation and settlements. will defend her after his death did not escape the house – as he calls it – from attacks by rapists, although that pile of iron, where he was crushing and stone throwing by the rapists, to put pressure on Haj Zalloum for Migration, which disappointed him Znnounam. and still recommend his sons to remain the bus that was donated to him by a philanthropist to support his stay in the home, so it is recommended that burial in his land so as not to come out and remains a defender until he is dead.

(Pictures by courtesy of TeamPalestina)

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