Stop the holocaust of Palestinians!


PressTV –  Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:13PM GMT
By Roy Golzadeh
The world has been abused and tarnished with US uranium, but the Middle East has been painted with blood and despair by spoils of war from politicians still in search of more Zionism.

“This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own sovereign State.”

This is a quote from the Israeli Declaration of Independence. So, is this referring to every country that has ever existed and has been formed — except for Palestine?

Justice, truth, peace, compassion, and self-respect are the basic ethics of the Jewish faith. However, sitting around King Arthur’s Round Table and conversing with the US about how to completely annihilate Palestine, is not! This is the manifesto of Theodor Herzl’s Zionism.

The formula: Zionism + the United States = Palestinian diaspora.

The Zionist crusaders have began their campaign to seize al-Quds (Jerusalem) and have managed to do so in order give birth to the holocaust of Palestinian rights, which has been already exiled the mass population of 4.62 million people rejected of being ” masters of their own fate… in their own sovereign State.”

I mean why don’t those countries that supply them with wealth stolen from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and etc. give them a Jewish utopia for genuine Jews to practice their sovereignty?

Now, with the cornering of a race, denied of basic rights, into the ghettos of Gaza, the crusaders can easily transfer the whole place into their concentration camp, showering the civilians with white phosphorus and DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive), once again! Can you see the Irony?

Now, with Israel using the US as a puppet to serve its interest — by seizing countries in the Middle East and Africa — the foundations for the New World Order has been set. Are we to see World War III?

In this way, Israel is violating its own Declaration of Independence; I guess they have to change it if they are to continue looting the liberty of other countries.

Moreover, Benjamin Netanyahu has now, in other words, declared The US as a tip of the sword in the hands of Zionist, who are slashing and slaying anything that stands in their way to seize world dominance.

“Our enemies think that we are you, and that you are us. And you know something? They are absolutely right.” That’s what Netanyahu said, but that’s not the truth, they are not equally in control of the Israeli intention and creed, the US is more a tool used by the Zionistic greed.

There is living proof! The US President backed down on giving Palestinians just a taste of what they deserve, and that’s as soon as Netanyahu reminded him at AIPAC that there goal is not justice and human rights, but the Middle East and Africa.

The Fuehrer of Zionists is definitely preparing for another attempt to invade another resisting country allergic to foreign invasion, Lebanon. They have recently violated Lebanese airspace and carried out military operations in the south of the country. Kinda obvious, isn’t it?

And we know that wars cost a lot, just glance back at the US and the UK, who are actually cutting back on their domestics cost — instead of foreign costs. What a way to go! That’s how to make matters worse.

But with their go ahead plan to take out the Arab race in general, I doubt it will work. The Arab nations are not really that keen on following dictators, nourished and flourished by US bribes and extravagance; instead, they are rising to the occasion and calling for reform. So what now?

I mean even their own people are staging a hunger strike because they are not satisfied with the condition of Meir Hospital, and I bet there is more from where that comes from! This is typical of a lazy leadership. No wonder Netanyahu says that we are you, and you are us, that because they share the same policy of the United States. More war, no restore!

So with the US and Israel continuing their plan of naming every nation defending its rights a terrorist just to find an excuse to pogrom, or to invade, there is nothing fishy going on really, its crystal clear; they will attack another nation soon. But who’s first, Lebanon or Egypt?

Israeli is really an arrow that has pierced through Palestine to separate it into two, to give them an advantage. However, it isn’t that wise for them to be circled by countries opposing its presence in the region, even though the US has surrounded those hostile to Israel with its presence in Iraq, Libya, and client countries.

A war will definitely cripple their economy, no matter how much the US plans to tax its people to supply Israel a grant aid of USD 3 billion, annually.

Not to mention, they will have to go through the might of the Muslim world, now united together throughout the Arab world and irritated by foreign interference. It’s too late now!

To add insult to injury, the people of the world have also joined to get the Freedom Flotilla 2 to the right place, showing which side of the wall they stand.

But the question is when will they prevent the rise of Zionism from prevalence, the prevalence of the modern crusaders to end, and put an end to the quest in the holocaust of the Arab race?



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