Ufree: Europeans reacting ‘positively’ with Palestinian prisoner affairs

[ 25/07/2011 – 08:48 AM ]

OSLO, (PIC)– Europeans have begun to ”interact positively” with the rights of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, said the Oslo-based European network to support the Palestinian prisoners, also known as Ufree.

Ufree executive director Khalid al-Mudallil said in an interview with the Palestine daily newspaper published on Sunday that when following public reaction to the humanitarian issues that it has raised, Ufree has noticed a growing sense among Europeans of the injustice that has been done to the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Mudallil said that Ufree’s activities have recently tended to reach out to European communities as well as UN rights organizations and NGOs to raise awareness with focus on such issues as administrative detention, the incarceration of minors, and the conditions of the prisoners who have fallen ill.

He added that this year the organization gave most focus to issues relating to the women prisoners. He said in doing that, Ufree concentrated more on the humanitarian aspect than the legal one, as he said the Europeans are “emotional and vibrant”.

Mudallil also spoke on Ufree’s activities on the executive level. He said it has contacted rights organizations to rally support for the 6,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. Among the most important contacts was a letter the organization sent to the Red Cross secretary-general Yves Daccord, highlighting the illegal measures taking place in the Israeli prison system, especially concerning Palestinian elected officials, women, and children.

Mudallil also said that Ufree is making efforts to prosecute Israel in the European courts over its abuses of the Palestinian prisoners.


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