Hamdan: ‘Israel’ no longer in our lexicon

[ 26/07/2011 – 08:24 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Hamas international relations official Osama Hamdan has said that Palestine today is in a ”fierce battle on two fronts”: one front is the continued resistance until the Israeli occupation ends, and the second is to preserve the Palestinians’ unity in the framework of a program to liberate Palestine through resistance, ”the sole way to restore the Palestinians’ rights”.

In a press statement, Hamdan said Hamas ”firmly believes that resistance is what will humiliate the Zionist entity (Israel) and liberate the land”, reiterating his party’s refusal to recognize Israel.

”We have clearly stated that we would not recognize the [Israeli] occupation. Today we add to that: Israel does not even exist in our lexicon of politics,” Hamdan said.

The senior Hamas official also addressed the situation in Jerusalem. He said the holy city ”faces Judaization and refuses to surrender to the enemy, despite Zionist colonization and its isolation of [the Palestinians there] with the wall”.

”The worst of [Israel’s] aggression is its use of kin to harm the resistance and the Palestinians,” Hamdan said, adding that the Gaza siege is ongoing but being defeated by the will to live and Israel’s terror of attempts to break the siege.

That is because ”Israel receded the day the resistance began”, he said.

Shifting to the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, Hamdan declared that they would not be forgotten and that the only solution was a prisoner exchange with Israel, even if it meant capturing more Israeli soldiers.

Hamdan also reiterated Hamas’s commitment to reconciling with Palestinian factions, saying the reconciliation was made in order to restore the ”Palestinian national project”, which includes liberating the people and returning the refugees based on the principle of resistance.

”The issue is not who will head the government or winning the ministry,” Hamdan said, referring to the current dissension over who will fill the prime ministry post of the interim government, which was agreed upon in the unity deal. ”The issue is of a homeland, a nation, and a people who must be freed; and Jerusalem must be restored. And we have stated and are still convinced that resistance is the option, although some try visualize another image.”


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