Arab-Israeli Lawyers File Law Suit Against Israel’s Airport Authorities and Shin Bet

PNN – Palestine News Network – 28.07.11 – 10:56

Tel Aviv – PNN – Three Arab-Israeli lawyers, Yamin Masalha, Shakieb Kubti and Daniel Drabkin, filed a law suit at Nazareth court against the three Israeli  airline companies  El Al, Yesral, and Erkia and also against  the Airports Authority in Israel and the General Security Service , Shin Bet, because of the “unacceptable” searches and policies towards Arab residents of Israel in the Israeli airport.

ImageMasalha said he filed the suit for the victims of humiliation at the airport who are searched and detained. The idea for the law suit, Masalha explained, came from an Arab Israeli that suffered this humiliating experience and has the ability to change it as a lawyer.

The three lawyers are asking the court to make them the representatives of all the Arab community in Israel in this case. There are 1.5 million Palestinians living in Israel and hold Israel citizenship.

The lawyers said that they will continue the case in till the end as long as it takes, they added that the defendants are not shy about their violations and justify it with security reasons and protecting society values.

The last victim of Israel’s humiliation policies in the airport was Bishop Attallah Hanna; In July 13 as he was traveling to Brazil from Tel Aviv, Bishop Hanna was detained for three hours and searched in a very humiliating way without consideration for his religious figure.

Bishop Hanna is very active in defending the Palestinians of Jerusalem against the ongoing settlers and state attacks on them.


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