European parliamentarians meet with health minister in Gaza

[ 28/07/2011 – 07:34 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– A high-profile delegation of parliamentarians from various European countries has met with Gaza Health Minister Bassem Na’im on a tour of the Gaza Strip.

Minister Na’im briefed the delegation headed by British Labor party chairman Tony Lloyd on the effects the Israeli political and economic blockade has had on the Strip’s health sector.

According to the figures he presented, 163 essential medicines and 149 medical consumables have run out in the besieged enclave.

Na’im also brought up the ill effects the eight hour a day power outages have had on the hospitals’ medical equipment, also blaming the Israeli siege over the situation.

During the meeting, British MP Tony Lloyd said he was shocked at what he saw and promised to deliver a message he received from a young Thalassemia patient to be dealt with on the international forums. The letter addressed the boy’s suffering caused by the lack of treatment.


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