Israeli occupation authorities prepare for building a racial wall in the occupied Syrian Golan

Jul 29, 2011 | SANA

Golan, (SANA)-Israeli occupation authorities prepare for building a cement wall in the occupied Syrian Golan to separate Majdal Shams town from the suburb of al-Oude and the liberated Ain al-Tinah site.

The will is due to be constructed in September, before going to the UN to get the recognition of the Palestinian State in a move that violates the international legitimacy laws.

Sources in the occupied Golan clarified that the length of the Israeli racial wall is 4 km with 8 meters height.

This act adds to a series of criminal acts carried out by the Israeli entity inside the occupied Syrian Golan in a flagrant violation of the international law and legitimacy resolutions which consider the Golan as an occupied Syrian Arab land which is subjugated to the international legitimacy resolutions.

Those measures come within a series of the provocative occupation practices against the Syrian citizens, captives and detainees as well as the farms which are exposed to pollution and looting.



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