Israel continues to plough through Salfit farmlands

[ 31/07/2011 – 05:40 PM ]

SALFIT, (PIC)– Israeli bulldozers have continued to plough through farmland in the northern West Bank province of Salfit, locals said.

They reported that bulldozers have been leveling land and crushing boulders round the clock to pave the way for roads to be built near 19 nearby Jewish settlements.

Also being excavated is land on the western side of Salfit city as well as in the towns of Kafr al-Deik, Deir Istya, and Burqin, where new industrial building and expansion is taking place. The area is known by settlers as West Ariel, which lies near an Israeli industrial area called Burkan.

Crushing machines have been brought to the site to break down stones for the manufacture of raw materials used to pave the roads and also to pave the way for building more settlement units and large-scale factories.


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