Gaza faces imminent health crisis


PressTV -Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:50PM GMT
Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip have warned of an imminent health crisis due to a severe shortage of medicines and fuel in the coastal sliver.


The health ministry has stressed that the lives of hundreds of patients, especially those with chronic diseases, are in danger as many centers have run out of essential medication and medical items, a Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday.

The situation will further deteriorate as the impoverished strip is soon to run out of fuel to run electrical generators, on which many of Gaza’s hospitals rely on, officials warned on Friday.

Health Ministry official Bassam Barhoum said that electricity generators will stop if fuel is not supplied within a few days, adding that this would affect every single hospital in Gaza, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Additionally, a state of emergency was declared in Gaza’s medical sector in June as a result of a shortage of medical supplies.

Officials in Gaza blame the harsh Israeli siege on the coastal strip for the shortages. On several occasions, Gaza health officials have called on the international community to pressure Israel to put an end to its illegal siege of the coast.

More than 1.5 million Palestinians are currently living in Gaza under siege conditions, imposed on the coastal strip in 2007.




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