Worsening Situation in Iraq for Palestinian Refugees

Palestine News Network | 01.08.11 – 12:07

Baghdad  PNN – The situation of the 7000 Palestinian Refugees living in Iraq is worse than any other concentration of Palestinian refugees in the world, according to the Palestinian ambassador in Iraq, Daleel Al Qassous, quoted by the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC).

Before the 2003 Iraq war, Palestinian refugees in Iraq numbered 35,000, but since then the number has reduced to 7000.
The Ambassador stated that many Palestinian refugees are suffering because they are targeted for being Sunni Muslims and therefore allegedly supporting the former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein.
There have been attempts to reduce the suffering of the refugees, as different sects of Iraqi society, and religious leaders from Shiite and Sunni Muslims have met with Al Qassous to try and find a solution. One of the leaders who have been working with Al Qassous on the suffering of Palestinian refugees is Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, a grand mufti for Shia Muslims around the world.
IMEMC quoted Dalal Al Qassous as saying ‘There are only 7.000 refugees in Iraq now, they are living in At-Tweija, Al Za’faraniyya, Al Doura and the city of Al Hurriyya, they are living in extreme poverty due to high living costs and the lack of work, the UN provides some services to them but their situation is very miserable.’
Palestinian refugees are subjected to on-going assaults in Iraq. The suffering of Palestinian Refugees has increased since the 2003 US-led Iraq war, Palestinians have been subjected to assault, abduction, injury and even death.


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