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Aug 2, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1511 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

Israeli commander says waiting for 1 stone so his ‘soldiers can fuck this village up’ – Live Updates & Pictures | July 31, 2011

Live updates catched Israeli Soldiers Hijacking Tweep @Abou_Charlie ‘s Phone To Send Out Lies | July 29, 2011

Israeli Soldier: “We follow you at Twitter!” (at 2:47 min) – video

Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

Palestine: Conditions of Statehood and Reality of Compromise

Palestinian Authority dismiss Israeli ‘peace proposal’

UK should recognise Palestine as a whole, single state

Mondoweiss: Observing discrimination against Palestinians gives me flashbacks to the ‘Whites Only’ signs in my youth in Mississippi

Eclusive Pictures | Ramadan in Gaza

Female detainee marks 2 years in administrative detention

Jerusalemite youths abort settlers’ attempt to storm Aqsa Mosque

Qabaha: UN option should be part of comprehensive strategy

Evacuate West Bank settlers without delay: Israeli court

Muslims in the West Bank usher in Ramadan amidst economic crisis

For Israel & US to have the ‘same enemy,’ it could not just be the Palestinians. It had to be something bigger: Islam

Israeli colonists attempting to storm Al Aqsa mosque during Tarawih prayers thwarted by Jerusalemite youths

Lieberman: We have to cut Social Security to pay for fighting ‘the Islamist extremists’

PA condemns Israeli attempts to escalate tensions in the West Bank

Hamas rebuilds ruined Gaza structures – video

IDF soldiers launch attack on photojournalists

Israeli high court orders largest outpost razed

Shaath: UN membership would improve chances of peace talks

UNRWA: Clear link between settlements and demolitions

PA announces schedule for fake local elections in Just half of “democratic” palestine

Israel to Build New Settlement Bloc in West Bank

USA, Israel agree on broad lines for resuming negotiations about PA collaboration (2 prevent fakestatehoodbid?)

West Bank home demolitions up ‘alarmingly’: UN – Yahoo! News

Gazan Defies Handicap to Live Life to Fullest

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES | Miles of smiles convoy to Gaza

WATCH: the courageous soldiers of the IDF distinguish themselves once again

The July29 attack on news photographer crossed a red line.

Norway attack reveals Israel’s embrace of Islamophobia

Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich: “The state holds land as part of the Zionist vision.”

Activists pray in Gaza’s buffer zone

EU urges inquiry after killings in West Bank refugee camp

Gaza women join carpentry trade

Gaza official denies reports of sharks

Beautiful photography of Murals

Nadia Hijab makes a case for the BDS movement

This is what really happened when NASTY Benny Morris came to London  cut to the chase at 30:00 min

En off, Netanyahu admet avoir berné les USA et les Palestiniens pr faire couler Oslo et renfocer l’occupation

Vidéo: Netanyahu explique comment il a détruit les accords d’Oslo en feignant de faire des concessions aux Palestiniens

‘Alarming’ rise in attacks on Palestinian children ~ incl. video of kidnap

Israeli warplanes raid southern, northern Gaza

EU contributes €22.5 million to pay PA salaries

Israeli forces detain 1 & beat up several civilians in Hebron village raid

Israeli forces detain 1 in Hebron village raid

Abusive cult discovered in Jerusalem,7340,L-4103442,00.html

Settlers torch 150 dunams of farmland to the south of Nablus

West Bank Settlers Given Restraining Orders

New Talks Proposed by Israel and US to Stop UN Bid

Resheq: Hamas, Fatah meeting in Cairo next Sunday

Miles of Smiles to send 3 more aid convoys to Gaza

Israeli court: West Bank outpost must be dismantled

IOA banishes Jerusalemite, arrests others

Hamas asks Lebanese gov’t not to discuss ban on building in refugee camps

Shin Bet had intelligence on violent settlers a year ago, acted only now with slaps on the wrist.

Islamophobia, Zionism and the Norway massacre – by @avinunu

Gaza launches relief campaign to support the Somali people

Zionism incompatible with Israelis – video

Israeli forces detain 1 in Hebron village raid

While 800+ Palestinian children are imprisoned, “restraining orders” are issued against 12 violent settlers

UN urges restraint after soldiers kill 2 Palestinians

Israeli air strikes hit targets in the Gaza Strip

Bethlehem holds wake for victims of Norway attacks

Report: Beirut blast targeted Nasrallah,7340,L-4103346,00.html

Daughter of prisoner passes Tawjihi with flying colors

Right-wing settlers barred from West Bank for Terrorist Activities

Zionist Ethnic Cleaning of Islamic Graveyard to build a “Museum of Tolerance” Israel’s Blindness

The two-state solution will die in September

Profile of MK Danny Danon, Israel’s Rising Star of the Right

450 Palestinians Blocked at Rafah Border Crossing

Will Palestine 48 benefit from the “Israeli youth” revolution?

Palestine conference wraps up in South Africa

Israel and Lebanon exchange shots on border

US Pays for Zionist-oriented Policies

Cassus belli libanais : Israël se défend et tente d’apaiser la situation

The tent protest: neither social justice, nor revolution

How Israel’s left is missing the point

In Pictures: The start of Ramadan

91 Palestinian prisoners sign petition against women killing

The palestine Daily is out!

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer fundraise on Norway attack

Chutzpah! Hidden video camera inside Israeli prison‏ – video

New Israeli Weapon used in Al-Walaja, Ramadan kareem and more

End blockade now, says UN group in rare Gaza visit

Palestine Freedom Today is out!

Stolen Children, Stolen Lives – Israel’s arrest and abuse of Palestinian Children – video:

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